Plastic Injection Molding of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Components for the Fluid Management Industry

Our client in Mentor, Ohio wanted us to build and assemble plastic pump components for an air-operated double diaphragm pump it had designed. By way of injection molding (applying 8 injection molds), as well as secondary processes of CNC milling and overall assembly, we produced a pump out of homopolymer PP and PVDF with a total material thickness of .30″, a length of 20″, a width of 8″, and a height of 14″. Tightest tolerances for the air valve components fell within the range of +/-0.003″. All parts together weighed a total of 16 lbs. For more information contact Royal Plastics, Inc today, or consult the table below.

Plastic Injection Molding Project Highlights

Product Name

1″ Pump components

Product Description

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • 8 Injection molds

Plastic Injection Molding

CNC Milling

Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: .30″
Length: 20″
Width: 8″
Height: 14″

Tightest Tolerances

+/- 0.003″

Material Used

Homopolymer PP and PVDF

Estimated Part Weight

All parts = 16 lbs.

Industry for Use

Energy Production, Oil field, Mining
Fluid Management
Secondary containment
Drum/Vat transfer
Chemical Dosing

Standards Met

Customer defined data and drawings

Delivery Location

Mentor, Ohio