Plastic Injection Molding of CPVC Pipe for an Electronic Metering Pump Application

A customer in Boston, Massachusetts invited Royal Plastics, Inc to mold a CPVC part to be used in an electronic metering pump application. Well-versed in all things that involve injection molding and welding, we performed our assignment with our customary skill and gusto.

Through the process of injection molding, we molded a part in CPVC that previously was a 2 part assembly. As testament to our precision, tightest tolerances ranged a mere +/- .005″. We followed the customer-supplied print with an exactitude that is prized among our various clients, but is simply part of the job for a company like ours. For more information contact Royal Plastics today, or consult the table below.

Product Highlights

Product Name


Product Description

This pipe was molded complete with no secondary operations for use within an electronic metering pump application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Plastic Injection Molding
Design for Manufacturability

  • Make Design Recommendations for Manufacturing Purposes.

Tightest Tolerances

+/- .005″

Material Used



Thread Molded into Component which reduced an assembly step for the customer.

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional checks on diameters and threads.

Estimated Part Weight

.300 pounds

Industry for Use

Electronic Metering Pumps

Standards Met

Customer supplied print

Delivery Location

Boston, Massachusetts

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Plastic Injection Molding of CPVC Pipe for an Electronic Metering Pump